Mamoutou Kone, jembefola à Bouaké

Jembe and dance courses

In Bouaké, Mamoutou organizes workshops of jembe and African dance, throughout the year. The trainees are housed and fed on site and are guaranteed to attend or even participate in traditional parties. Fie jembéOn the opposite video, you can watch a traditional party sequence in Africa, where a trainee is playing. If you have difficulties playing back and want to take advantage of other video formats, use the Videos module Videos

Here is another video of a jembe workshop given in France by Mamoutou. Stage jembéWe see a rehearsal of the students of the class of the CRD du Blanc-Mesnil, directed by Fulgence Kone.

Internships in Africa

For workshops in Africa, it is recommended to contact Mamoutou before any trip. Indeed, at certain times, there are no traditional festivals. This is particularly the case during the month of Ramadan. At other times of the year, these festivities are also less numerous. It would be a shame to participate in an internship during these periods. Of course, you can play the jembe all year round indoors or outdoors, but attending traditional parties is an invaluable asset for learning. Mamoutou won't make you' work' sitting on a bench for two weeks without taking you quickly to a party. Going to Africa, locking oneself up at home to learn breaks in the jembe, confess that it is better to stay in Europe, where there are good teachers.

The duration of the internships can vary greatly, so course prices are not mentioned. The same applies to airline tickets, which can vary from a single ticket to a double ticket depending on the time of year. We arrive in Bouaké by Abidjan, the Capital. For those who are already in Burkina Fasso or Mali, the best solution is to take a bus and arrive in Bouaké by road. It's a beautiful journey, physically stressful, but long remembered. In all cases, contact Mamoutou by email or by phone at 00 225 07 68 06 10 or 00 225 05 60 14 14. If your mobile phone allows it, the link at the bottom of the page sets up the communication directly.

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