Mamoutou Kone, jembefola à Bouaké

Sound engineering services

In addition to his work as an artist, Mamoutou also offers sound services. By clicking on the picture, you can see some of the equipment.Montage Traditional weddings, discotheque entertainment, political debates, religious meetings, each performance has its own sound system. Amplifiers, HF microphones, mixing consoles, the equipment offered is of professional quality. A large part of the equipment comes from Europe. For high-powered, high-quality sound systems, the most powerful amplifiers are available.


In traditional festivals in Africa, working conditions are often difficult. The equipment must be protected from strong sunlight, dust and sometimes rain. Electrical current is sometimes low and the devices must be chosen according to these constraints. The old material holds the road better than the latest innovations. This is especially true for old-style transistor amplifiers. They are much easier to repair on site than those with integrated circuits and cms components.
For any sound system service, contact Mamoutou by phone.

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