Mamoutou Kone, jembefola à Bouaké

Website without advertising or trackers

This website lives without advertisements, its visitors get along better. Advertising makes the Internet sick. A webmaster who would like to earn advertising revenue with his personal website should instead work overtime at his employer. Pub MortWhen you love and defend the content of your pages, you must be able to spend a few dozen euros a year on hosting without selling to advertisers. Visitors should not be poisoned with aggressive advertising behind which hide behavioral analysis trackers and intrusive geolocalizations.

No tracking

As this site does not collect data, it is in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations RGPD.

On this website, no profiling system, no hidden links, no data collection, no "social plugin" are active. This is not the case for most websites and, to visit them in all tranquility, I advise you to install in your browser, at least, ublock and noscript  Finally, to join a community of anti-publicity: anti-pub blog

The facebook sharing link on the home page does not track you, it allows you to share this page in a more secure way, without using buttons "I love" or "like", which are just spy serving the social networks that set them up.

The Mamoutou website is suitable for reading on mobile phones and tablets. It is mobile-friendly or responsive web design, to use fashionable words. Enjoy your private visit.

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