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Jembés, dununs, workshop

The change of the skin of the jembe is the major problem faced by a tapper, whether a beginner or a confirmed tapper. Montage dunun cousuMamoutou assembles, sells and repairs jembés and dununs. By clicking on the picture, you can see some pictures of some of them being edited, still on sale or already sold. A manual in pdf format with more than 50 pictures is also available for free download under Creative Commons license download the manual. On 58 pages in A4 pdf format, this document deals with the change of a jembe skin as well as the building of a dun. For a quick overview, see the table of contents of this manual. Also available for free download is the dunun en métal Bidon manual. Before use, be sure to read carefully the contract under which these documents are distributed.

Assembly of a jelidununun

In the video below, we can see a short clip from the assembly of a sewn dunun, also called khassonké or jelidunun. This assembly is particularly complicated to implement. Montage dunun Mounting a pvc is usually the preferred material. The wood can be used, but the dunun will be heavier and more expensive, with an additional customs duty for the export of the wood. It is also possible to order this kind of dunun, whose price may vary according to preferences. The expedition will be made by airplane, in accompanied luggage. The speed of delivery will depend on the date of the order. A jembe or a dunun can be delivered in one week. The time period will be specified at the time of purchase. The selling price of a jembe is 170 euros, customs tax included.

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