Mamoutou Kone, jembefola à Bouaké

Folidouma and Konmonfoli

The two CD/DVDs by Mamoutou Kone, Folidouma and Konmonfoli are sold out. However, you can listen and download them from the links below, in mp3 or zip archive format.Folidouma Komonfoli Placed under a Creative Commons by-nc-nd license, their copying is allowed without limitations. The only restrictions are those of the license, describe here

The recordings of Folidouma and Konmonfoli were taken live and did not voluntarily undergo any electronic traffic. It's not the "big sound" of a studio, it's the raw sound of the traditional African festival. The majority of the jembé records are recorded in the studio and are of high quality. However, produced according to the same criteria as those of the variety, they are not satisfactory for an ear used to the sounds of the street in Africa. Drowned under layers of effects, the jembés and dununs are rendered unrecognizable. On these two records, the choice was made to reproduce what we hear most faithfully in traditional festivals. The recording was done outdoors, live.

Respect the artists

You have or you are going to download the music of Mamoutou Kone, benefiting from the flexibility of the Creative Commons license. If you enjoy these music, you can decide to support Mamoutou by making a donation..Think about the artists who live and work in Africa. Your donation can be anonymous or enhanced, in the form of a link to your site, in the links area.

Listen titles :



 Fie Jembé







10 - Archive zip de l'album Folidouma

 Kote 2

 Yankadi 2



 Sogonoukou 2


7 - Télécharger le livret de Konmonfoli
8 - Archive zip de l'album Konmonfoli
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