Mamoutou Kone, jembefola à Bouaké

Orders, payments

Oorders for sound services are made directly to Bouake, in situ. Orders for jembes or dununs must be paid by Western Union or any other similar service, on behalf of Mamoutou Kone. Follow the usual Western Union procedure (question/answer, NTCM transfer number, exact amount, and above all telephone call to warn the interested party). Mamoutou has a valid identity document.

Name: Mamoutou Kone
City: Bouaké
Country:Ivoiry Coast
Tel: 00 225 07 68 06 10
Tel: 00 225 05 60 14 14 14
You can also pay by the Orange-Money service, on the Mamoutou number: 00 225 07 68 68 06 10.

 Mamoutou@  Mamoutou tél

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