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    Street Drummer

    Mamoutou is a "street drummer", as they are called in Africa. He grew up in Mali, where he began to play the jembe and dance, and now lives in Bouaké, Ivory Coast, where he leads a team of twelve musicians. Tapeur de rueDiscover Mamoutou in a traditional game sequence by clicking on the image opposite. If you have difficulties playing back and want to take advantage of other video formats, use the Videos module

    Mamoutou plays in festivals where we only do two things, sing and dance. The soloist who plays at these parties must have a powerful and precise playing style and his work requires that he knows how to start the right rhythm on any song or dance. He must therefore possess a great knowledge of the songs and dances of the different ethnic groups present. Here, the decorative jembe game, superfluous breaks or endless discussions about the "village tradition" are not appropriate. We're just playing for the audience here, that's all. For a few years now, Mamoutou has added a string to his bow, he plays the electric piano in traditional festivals. See jembe and electric piano.

    Various dances

    In Bouaké, we sing and dance every day. First there are Thursday's big weddings, with a powerful sound system, cherry chants, electric piano and jembés. On the other days of the week, small parties take place in the courtyards of the houses, in a more intimate atmosphere. The tapers are then reduced in number, one dunun and two jembés, or even one dunun and one jembé, and the songs are performed by the women of the audience, without sound system or using a simple voice holder. We also play for fetish dances, more often at night.

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