Mamoutou Kone, jembefola à Bouaké
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    Each month, you will find here a new traditional festive video filmed in Bouaké, Ivoiry Coast. This month, it's Yankadi. This is the title given in Ivory Coast, while in Europe it is called Mande. YankadiIf you can't read the proposed format, use the Videos

    These videos, some of which date back some ten years, are the exact reflection of what is played in Africa, in traditional festivals. These are not watered-down versions for the western "market". Here, no discussions on binary, ternary or names of musical titles, no musical writing, no first time, no jembe methods. It's the raw state of street music. The players present are not there for demonstration, ballet or to teach the jembe. They are there to serve the song of the singer, the dances of the women present and to earn a living.

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